2018 Ssc Demo Day

Earlier this week, I attended the demo day for the SSC summer accelerator program. It was a hike all the way to 200 State Street in downtown Boston on the first day of classes but well worth it. The three companies showcased were Fisherman, Brüzd Foods, and Wunderite.

The evening began with a fireside chat between Tom Coburn and Dan Nova. I was able to take some scant notes on my iPhone which I will now briefly summarize. Dan told the story of how he was planning on being a wine salesmen in Manhattan Beach, California but then as a result of a cold call, was able to land into a nine-month sales-training program at Wayne Laboratories. Tangent: It seems that all the successful people I know around the age of 50, worked in Pharmaceutical Sales in their early 20’s. I wonder what the Pharmaceutical Sales of my generation will be? Perhaps IB? Back on topic now. From there, Dan went to HBS which he said he absolutely loved and proved to him that BC was on par with the best as in his first couple months , all MBA’s are required to take a Business Ethics course, something BC students do by fulfilling their core requirements. Dan then went to be a general partner at Highland Capital, which has kept him busy every since.

Fisherman went first and had an interesting presentation where they began by showing a video of their customer struggling with the pain point they solve: old business owners trying to build their own website. Wunderite was next and also had great slides. I can personally speak to this company as I’ve had multiple conversations with the founder Peter about how Wunderite could potentially help me with my own unique insurance needs, something the insurance industry seems to have no interest in. I don’t blame them, who would want to insure an 18 year-old running his first company? Brüdz Foods went next and they also did a great job. It was very cool to see a collaboration effort between two co-founders from different schools in Boston.

Written on January 9, 2018