How To Avoid Burning Out As A Student Founder

Running or helping to run an on-campus start-up can be a lot of fun. You have a direct impact on campus, you get to meet and interact with people in ways you haven’t before, and you finally have a go-to fun fact about yourself. It can also be a lot of stress. Here are some tips I’ve put together with the help of my fellow student founder’s at BC.

1.Have obligated down-time scheduled multiple times a week. By obligated I mean, it is very unlikely you will skip this activity because a) you paid for it (buying tickets to a concert), you have a team counting on you (club-sports team or organization), or your habitual partner will call you out for missing (weekly lunch with friend).

2.Know what you naturally spend more time on and set minimums for the other. If you are the type to drop school completely to work-on your start-up, set a GPA minimum and have your parents hold you to it. If your business needs more time but you just love your classes right now, set a minimum number of hours you’ll work per week.

3.Have an open communication line with your business partners. Whether you started a company with a complete stranger or your best friend, have an open line of communication with them. If you feel trapped in your start-up, you’re more likely to burn-out.

4.Have a weekly check-in with a mentor/school counselor. While you may always be able to vent to your roommate, it just isn’t the same as having a counselor or a mentor to talk to.

Written on June 13, 2018